Welcome to Hell… Inc.

After a lot of talking about it on Twitter, and posting work-in-progress images on Instagram, Hell, Inc. is a real thing with a website and art and stuff. If you were already a reader of my other comics, thank you for migrating over! If you’re new, welcome!

Starting on Monday, February 20th, Hell, Inc. will begin. I’ll be posting a new comic every day from the 20th to the 24th to give you all a taste of what the comic’s going to be like. From there, it’ll post once a week on Mondays. Cool? Cool.

To get the Patreon back up and running after the end of HEAT, I’m going to be throwing in an added incentive – the first 20 patrons will be getting print copies of the original Hell, Inc. #1 and 2. So if you like the comics that get posted in the first week, consider becoming a patron and tossing in a few bucks. Like the comic, but can’t support it monetarily? Share it on social media, and tell your friends about it! It’s free and helps A TON.

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