Ukrainian Aid Links

I am a cartoonist, and therefore my analysis of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is utterly worthless to anyone who wants actual information. What I DO know is that innocent people have been killed, hurt and displaced from their homes by the hundreds of thousands and this total will only rise in the coming days. If you want to help them, I’ve collected a few links to organizations that are helping people in the region right now. If you, like me, are horrified by what is happening and wish you could do something then that’s as good a place to start as any.

  • Canadian Red Cross: the local wing of an international emergency-relief organization. The federal government says it will match individual donations by Canadians.
  • Médecins sans frontières (Doctors Without Borders): a humanitarian group that’s been supporting Ukraine’s COVID-19 response. According to their website, they have pivoted their mission in the area to assisting with emergency medical care as well as providing training and supplies/help to local health care workers and volunteers. They also have personnel active in neighbouring countries to help people who have fled there.
  • Save the Children: an international NGO delivering emergency aid to Ukrainian families.
  • Voices of Children: offers psychological support to children affected by the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

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