You’ve gotta be a special kind of forgetful to not remember the human being you’re holding up by the face. Also a special kind of strong. A MINOTAUR kind of strong.

In my head, I was hearing that last paragraph like an over-dramatic ad read.


Postmodern Locke joins the company, and is our newest Employee of the Week. They didn’t give me anything to plug, but I thank them for their patronage! If you want to be thanked for your patronage, and get a shoutout in the newspost, hit up the Hell, Inc. Patreon and pay my art-producing ass. That’s right, my ASS produces the art. I should go to bed.

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Femur Harmonica

Femur Harmonica is the name of my new zydeco metal band, we’ll be opening for The Dusty Udders next weekend.

In other news, writing really elaborate threats that may or may not even make sense is really fun.


We’ve got a new Employee of the Week, which is great because I get sick of doing the same ones over and over. Welcome Ben Hamlin to the company, host of the pirate-themed Pathfinder podcast Cursed. If you’re one of the zillion listeners of the Adventure Zone, give it a listen! If you want to be Employee of the Week, hit up the Hell, Inc. patreon and keep the corporate gold card paid off.

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Running of the Sheilas

This is a scene that is a good example of how my imagination works while I write – it’s way less visual than you might expect. Until I sit down to do thumbnails, I really only have a vague idea of how the page composition is going to look. There’s a swirl of overlapping images, which actually kind of helps – most of the time, there’s no perfect image in my brain that I’m trying to recreate. I’m just trying to pull something out of that swirl of imagery that suits the scene.Sometimes that imagery is directly inspired by Invader Zim and involves somebody being casually picked up by the face.


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Go Jump in a Lake of Fire

Part 2 of fixing the posting errors. The previous Hell, Inc. strips were all drawn in one month-long batch. This is the first one that was drawn after that initial batch, three months later – and it was like I totally forgot how to draw the comic. This is also the first one I had to scan with my new scanner, which was a bit of an adventure. Scanner settings are the most important thing in combining traditional and digital art, and it seems like they never really carry over from machine to machine. It’s weird.


Tony Esteves draws a webcomic called Legendary Woodsman. His Cigarro & Cerveja comic strip had a year of overlap with my Rent-A-Thug comic at the University of Alberta Gateway newspaper, which is how I originally became aware of his work. He is Employee of the Week. I am writing this in a weeeeeeird cadence. If you want to be Employee of the Week, and get a weirdly-cadenced blurb, hit up the Hell, Inc. Patreon.

Next Week: DemoniCopy – just because you’re in Hell doesn’t mean you don’t need photocopies. read it early by supporting the Hell, Inc. Patreon!

Dog Souls Are The Best Souls

The schedule function works on this site, unlike the HEAT site, and oh man is that wonderful. I’m uploading tomorrow’s comic today! Or, from your perspective, today’s comic yesterday! We’re on some time travel shit right here.

In the original Hell, Inc. comic, we see the office building as a giant stalagmite, and I wanted to maintain that visual. This strip turned a two panel transition into an entire scene, which has been one of the fun parts of doing Hell, Inc. as a strip. Drawing a comic as pages in a book results in different decisions being made in regard to the flow of reading, whereas each strip is more of a distinct unit.

Also, the comic has only been up for a couple of days and we’ve already picked up some patrons. Thanks so much!

Tomorrow: The Office! No, not that The Office. I can’t afford that kind of licensing.


Catching The Beelzebus

“Beelzebus” was a joke I didn’t think of until I was drawing the transit sign, then promptly botched by spelling it wrong. Whoops! This is the first strip where I really had to figure out the palette for the comic, since the first strip mostly took place in the dark. For those interested in such things, most of the colour choices are “if you’re not sure what colour to use, make it red.”

Tomorrow: Getting to the office is half the battle. The other half is red and blue lasers. Wait, no, that’s GI Joe…