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This strip was the end of my buffer, which activated about two weeks of furious drawing to rebuild said buffer. That was in the midst of the BURGERPunk Kickstarter wrapping up, although by the end of that I wasn’t having to do all that much. For whatever reason, RPG Kickstarters go much smoother than comic ones for me – they start off hot, and then I just kinda ride it along until there’s a slow patch in the middle, then I do some stuff that doesn’t actually help, and then things pick up and get hot at the end. Compared to comic Kickstarters, where I feel like I need to grind my ass off for a month straight, it’s downright relaxing.


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What to Do With an Eternity?

Hell, Inc. was outlined, initially, for six “volumes” of roughly equivalent length, with various plot beats assigned to each one. Volume 6 has ballooned to be much longer than the previous ones, which coincided with deciding to do some more volumes after this one. Part of why volume 6 kept getting longer was because I was really lacking confidence in my ability to hit the right romcom beats to make Doug and Bridget satisfying. Whether or not I end up sticking the landing will be up to you, the reader, I suppose.

Also up to you, the reader, is the success of BURGERPunk the RPG on Kickstarter! It ends on Thursday morning (March 16), so there’s not much time left to back it and get a bunch of really cool extra materials from stretch goals. Become a citizen of New McDonaldland and embrace the Living Meat(TM)!

What’s Your Move?

I think my move to take out Sheila would be to run away as fast as possible. I’m not fast, though, so I would probably have to hope that I could pull off some sort of Dragon Punch to the udder or something. Do minotaurs have udders? Is minotaurs the plural of minotaur? Minostaur? These are the mental tangents I go on while writing these newsposts, because my brain is soup with Super Nintendo cartridges and VHS tapes floating in it.

BURGERPunk The RPG continues to serve up juicy stretch goals. The illustrated short story (written by Cait, drawings by me) has been unlocked, and are now working toward the additional stretch goals created because we blew through so many of the early ones so quickly. Next up is expanding the Weapons & Weirdos supplement to include full colour art and fiction in the style of a field guide (by Ashely Adams), followed by expanding the BURGER(reci)Punk ‘zine to include illustrations and rules to use the recipes as in-game items.

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The Old Femur Harmonica Song and Dance

At some point there will be an actual femur harmonica in the comic, maybe? That seems like the next level of this recurring joke.

BURGERPunk The RPG is on Kickstarter now! It’s already funded and we’ve served up 5 of 7 stretch goals, but there are still stretch goals and nearly four weeks left, so become one with the Living Meat(TM). BURGERPunk is absolutely the weirdest thing I’ve worked on, and if you want to hear more about it, you can hear Cait talking about our process of writing tabletop RPGs and the origins of BURGERPunk on the Rite Gud podcast. You can also hear us talking BURGERPunk and the movie Hell Comes to Frogtown on Podside Picnic.

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Bridget, Bar Fight Champion of Hell

Bridget, Bar Fight Champion of Hell could also be the name of a Hell, Inc. video game where Bridget beats up demons. Maybe if Guinea Pig Press RPGs continue to do well, I’ll become wealthy enough to be the dictator of a small video game studio that adapts my comics into games. For some reason I recently started thinking about Hell, Inc. as an action platformer (like how everything got adapted as an action platformer in the NES/Super NES era). Doug bouncing around Hell popping people in the schnozz with his Popeye arms and collecting souls or something.


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Spirit-ual Journey

Wordless strips are always a weird thing to make, because they force me to confront the fact that they require just as much work, but a lot of readers will look at them for about 2 seconds. It’s similar to knowing that a 22 page comic takes about 200 hours to draw, plus another 50 or 60 for colouring and lettering, but there are a ton of readers who will take 5-10 minutes to read it. That ratio feels pretty grim! I can’t even fathom what it’s like to make a movie, where it takes tens of thousands of hours to create a two hour-ish film. That said, would I be hyped to make a movie or a TV show out of one of my comics? Yes. Yes I would.

Also, exciting news, everyone! BURGERPunk The RPG hits Kickstarter on February 14th! Click on the image below to visit the pre-launch page and be notified when the campaign starts!


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Anti-Gravity Spiders

I’ve been playing a lot of Hollow Knight lately, and was somewhat delighted to realize that it was about bugs. They’re so stylized that I didn’t read the characters that way until I saw them in the game’s environment. As someone who really likes the idea of army ants being taken literally, Hollow Knight feels like if those old Army Ants toys were in the supernatural fantasy genre. Also, Hollow Knight is really fun.


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Topics of Conversation

Conversations with my parents during the pandemic made me realize how much “things we have done recently” form the core of most casual conversation. When the answer to “what have you been up to” is “nothing, same as you,” it’s a lot harder to carry on a chat. That was indirectly how I arrived at writing this strip. I wasn’t consciously comparing the gang not having anything to talk about because they’ve all been together for a month straight to not having anything interesting to tell my parents because I’ve been at home for a month straight, but upon reflection it’s pretty clear how I ended up at this week’s joke.


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Diance Party

I don’t know what a table-dancing jam is in Hell, but Diane probably has some insight on that.


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