Hell, Inc. Kickstarter – Week 1

The first week of the Hell, Inc. Kickstarter, which felt like about a month and a half, is done! It’s been a very busy week, and now stands as the best first week any of my Kickstarter campaigns have had. I want to thank everyone who has pledged their support thus far, and encourage all of you reading this to do so as well – you’re going to get some awesome books out of it, and know that those books exist because of your help. That’s pretty rad, right? Click the image below to check out the campaign, and pick up your own copies of the books.

I also wanted to specifically shout out the folks in the comics press who have taken time to cover or review Hell, Inc. Writing about comics is a lot like writing about wrestling – only a handful of people actually get paid, and even fewer of them make a living. Those that cover indies like Hell, Inc. aren’t doing it for clicks, because that’s a terrible way to get them. They’re doing so because they’re passionate about comics and think the project is cool. So please check out their articles, and share them to help their reader base grow, and in turn help expand the audience potential for the independent creators they cover.


Dexter Buschetelli, Multiversity – http://www.multiversitycomics.com/reviews/the-webcomics-weekly-5-28-19/

@drunkcomicsfans @multiversity

David Lyons, Driving Creators – https://drivingcreators.net/review/hell-inc/

@LyonsdenCS @DrivingCreators

Jake Palermo, Gutternaut – https://gutternaut.net/2019/08/jeff-martin-the-supernaturally-mundane/



Brendan Montgomery, Sequential Magazine – http://sequentialpulp.ca/jeff-martin-launches-kickstarter-for-hell-inc-webcomic/

@seqmagazine @sequential_ca

Indie Comix – https://indiecomix.net/2019/08/on-august-19th-hell-inc-comes-to-kickstarter-oh-my/


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