Wrong for the Job
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Wrong for the Job

Sara is far and away the most “silent film comedian” of the Hell, Inc. cast, as whenever somebody is doing broad, physical comedy it ends up being her. She is the Buster Keaton of having her face try to escape her body in a comic strip. I don’t think she’s competing with anybody for that title, mostly because I don’t know if people’s faces try to escape in other comic strips.

Speaking of faces trying to escape… nope, I don’t have a transition for this. Hell, Inc. The RPG is still going pretty strong on Kickstarter, and is nearing the second stretch goal, The Soup Drawer. What does that mean? It means Caitlin is writing a Hell, Inc.-themed soup recipe ‘zine, I will be illustrating it, and it will hopefully be pretty weird and funny. When that’s unlocked (at $2500), backers who pledge at the $5 CAD or higher tiers (ie. any tier other than the tip jar) will get The Soup Drawer PDF at no additional cost! Backers are already getting an additional adventure module about paperwork errors warping reality. I just ran that adventure at Rolling Tales in Edmonton as part of their 1 year anniversary celebration, and we had a blast! Click on the images below to check out the Kickstarter. It is mandatory.

Next Week: … angels!? Read it early on Patreon!

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