What to Do With an Eternity?
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What to Do With an Eternity?

Hell, Inc. was outlined, initially, for six “volumes” of roughly equivalent length, with various plot beats assigned to each one. Volume 6 has ballooned to be much longer than the previous ones, which coincided with deciding to do some more volumes after this one. Part of why volume 6 kept getting longer was because I was really lacking confidence in my ability to hit the right romcom beats to make Doug and Bridget satisfying. Whether or not I end up sticking the landing will be up to you, the reader, I suppose.

Also up to you, the reader, is the success of BURGERPunk the RPG on Kickstarter! It ends on Thursday morning (March 16), so there’s not much time left to back it and get a bunch of really cool extra materials from stretch goals. Become a citizen of New McDonaldland and embrace the Living Meat(TM)!

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  1. Thank you for the art. Don’t comment much, but I’ve been here for most of the HEAT run. You are a wonderful artist and a great storyteller.

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