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As I juggle projects like I’m in a circus, Hell, Inc. is being drawn week-to-week for the first time in… I don’t even know. I’ve had buffers as large as six months in the past, but taking other work has chipped that all the way down to nothing. I’m currently figuring out a schedule that will let me get the wheels in motion on several upcoming short-term projects while building a little bit of a buffer back up for Hell, Inc. It turns out that needing to write one script for pitching, one script for a Webtoon contest, the script for my next graphic novel, and put together Hockeypocalypse: Slashers for print proofing is A LOT OF THINGS.

Congratulations on Goran, by the way, for finally getting a name. He will no longer be referred to in the script as “the one-eyed guy with the rhino horn.” He doesn’t have a rhino-like horn, I don’t know why I describe it that way, but I almost always do.


Sebastian is Employee of the Week, and you can, too! Patreon is how I afford to draw Hell, Inc. without drowning in freelance work, and also how I’m funding the creation of Hockeypocalypse: Slashers, which you can read as I draw it! For $5/month or higher you can read Slashers and even commission art from me, but every patron is deeply appreciated, regardless of amount.

You can also continue to vote for Hell, Inc. on Top Webcomics, which a lot of you have been doing! Click on the banner below to vote daily.

Next Week: Is the worst job solely defined by amount of Cerberus pee involved? Find out on Patreon.

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