The Sixth Dimension
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The Sixth Dimension

The Patreon preview for this post is about the way comics have magical realism built into them as a medium, and the ways that can be used to the cartoonist’s advantage. It also lets you draw things that don’t need explanation for how they’re happening, like Doug waving a flaming sword atop a space pegasus.


Cindy Gauthier is Employee of the Week, and you can read her comic on Webtoon! It’s called Posthumous, and is a comic about two friends (who are cool, weird cyborg-things) exploring space and how the things that are in space are often terrifying. Season 2 is underway!

Patreon! Go there. Do that. It is my most reliable source of income, and that is very helpful when living that freelance life. If everyone who read the comic last week chipped in $1/month, that would be enough to almost completely eliminate the need for freelancing. That would be rad!

You can also support Hell, Inc. for free by telling your friends about it, because that is infinitely better than any promotion I can do. Also voting on Top Webcomics by clicking the banner below is very helpful!

Next Week: We check in on the office’s Ambient Misery Index. Read it early on Patreon!

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