Somebody Else to Blame
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Somebody Else to Blame

Why be introspective and learn about yourself when you can blame your failures on others? It’s so much easier!

In other news, I just signed some paperwork that will lead to exciting Hell, Inc. developments in THE FUTURE. Dunno how far into the future, that part isn’t really up to me.


Robbie Dorman is Employee of the Week, and is co-host of a new podcast called Cartoon Graveyard! I was the first guest in the podcast’s history, on the episode about The Mighty Ducks cartoon (it’s really weird!). You should check it out, and also check out his main podcast, The Simpsons Show. You should ALSO check out the Hell, Inc. Patreon, where Hell, Inc. Volume 4: Mandatory is now available to patrons at any level!

You can also help out by voting for Hell, Inc. on Top Webcomics, which continues to bring in new readers. You can vote daily by clicking the banner below!

Next Week: Blame Game World Champions! Read it early on Patreon!

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