Problem Solving
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Problem Solving

Well THIS page took a long time to draw. Specifically, the first three panels. I’m sure you’re shocked to learn that the ones packed with characters took a long time to draw. It even, somehow, took a long time to colour, despite just being shades of red. Making them all different enough that they didn’t just blend together into one big blob turned out to be a bit of an effort.


Ben Hamlin is Employee of the Week, and you can check out his podcast, Cursed. It’s a Pathfinder actual-play podcast about pirates. You should listen to it. IT HAS BEEN DECREED. Also, support Hell, Inc. on Patreon, because being a freelancer blows, but drawing comics rules.

If you want to support Hell, Inc. for free, vote for it on Top Webcomics. The comic has only been on there for a month or so, but the daily average readership has increased by like 10x. It’s ridiculous. So let’s see how high we can get that number.

Next Week: Solutions? Maybe? Find out early on Patreon.

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