Office Cult-ure
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Office Cult-ure

You can tell whether you’ve got a good workplace by how much chanting happens. I assume more is better? I’ve never had a chanting workplace. I should try to cultivate that in my studio space, but guinea pigs and chinchillas are notoriously chant-averse creatures.


As you may have gathered from the graphic below, I’ve been nominated for a Sequential Magazine Award in the Favourite Cartoonist category! The Sequential awards are intended to recognize Canadian indie comics. Click on the image below to be taken to the landing page with the nominees and the link to the voting form (you can vote in as many or as few categories as you want). I would very much appreciate your votes, because I’ve lost various categories of these awards, like, 5 times now. Click on the image below and go vote (for me)!

You can also vote on Top Webcomics, because I guess we’re doing a voting theme this week. Click the banner below to vote!

Next Week: Strategies are formulated. They are not good. Read it early on Patreon!

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