If I Don’t Laugh, I’ll Cry
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If I Don’t Laugh, I’ll Cry

This is one of several recent strips where I was sure I had written way too much dialogue and it would never fit, then when I sat down to letter it I had plenty of space. That’s something that tends to happen every so often with comics that I letter digitally. Even using old strips as a guideline, there’s some guesswork involved in how much space the lettering will occupy. It’s much better to overestimate the lettering than underestimate it, though. There’s nothing quite as demoralizing as trying to rewrite text so that it fits into a much-too-small space.

Before we get to Employee of the Week, Hell, Inc. has been nominated for an award! Well, sort of. I was nominated for an award and it happened to be for my work on Hell, Inc. (and also GWAR). You can vote for me in the Favourite Cartoonist category here: http://bit.ly/smavote2019


Cait is Employee of the Week! You should go buy her short story collection, Dead Man’s Candle and Other Short Horror Stories, which is available for purchase as well as on Kindle Unlimited. It was produced as part of a writing challenge in October, and Dead Man’s Candle collects her favourite 13 of the 31 stories written during that challenge.

If you think Hell, Inc. is worth a dollar, you can help support my cartooning endeavours by donating to Hell, Inc. on Patreon. Patrons get to read every Hell, Inc. strip a week early, can get a shoutout as Employee of the Week, or even get access to a folder with every digital comic I’ve produced. There are THIRTY-ONE (31) comics in there right now, including the PDF versions of the print collections of Hell, Inc. that were funded on Kickstarter last year.

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Next Week: Harry imparts some vital knowledge. Does it finally answer Sara’s question? Find out early on Patreon.

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