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Doug is extremely good at “having emotions” and “understanding those emotions.” That is not autobiographical at all, nope, that is a fully made up thing with no basis in experience at all.


Cindy Gauthier is Employee of the Week, and you can read her comic on Webtoon! It’s called Posthumous, and is a comic about two friends exploring space and how the things that are in space are often terrifying. Season 2 is underway!

Patreon! Go there. Do that. It is my most reliable source of income, and that is very helpful when living that freelance life.

Next Week: A strip based on a reference that I have no idea how many people will actually get, despite it seeming saturated within the culture to me, an old. Oh, also, it’s episode 250! That’s pretty cool, and originally would have been just two weeks shy of the end of volume 6. Then the pandemic changed how the books were going to come out, and keeping a uniform length didn’t matter anymore. Anyway patrons will be able to see it early.

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