Even and Sticky
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Even and Sticky

I’m bouncing between projects like a superball right now, which is kind of counter to how I prefer to work. Any given day I have about 5 things I could be working on, and another 2 or 3 that I should probably be thinking ahead toward. That is too many things, and largely why I wish I was the kind of creator who kills it on Patreon. That way I could pick one or two things and focus on those, and then do new things when those are done. That would be pretty great, and less stressful!


Caitlin is Employee of the Week, and is currently in her writing cave working on the large amounts of BURGERPunk RPG material that are the result of the improbably overachievement of the Kickstarter. Speaking of crowdfunding, Patreon! It lets me have predictable income and focus on making the comics I want to make! If every Hell, Inc. reader kicked in just a dollar a month, I’d be able to cut my freelancing down to just “I have been offered a lucrative book deal” stuff! That would be very cool.

In other news, social media’s slow collapse strengthens the case for Top Webcomics. The Old Internet becomes the New Internet! Click the banner below to vote daily.

Next Week: Sobering up in Hell is not better than sobering up on Earth. Read it early on Patreon!

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