Dog Souls Are The Best Souls
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Dog Souls Are The Best Souls

The schedule function works on this site, unlike the HEAT site, and oh man is that wonderful. I’m uploading tomorrow’s comic today! Or, from your perspective, today’s comic yesterday! We’re on some time travel shit right here.

In the original Hell, Inc. comic, we see the office building as a giant stalagmite, and I wanted to maintain that visual. This strip turned a two panel transition into an entire scene, which has been one of the fun parts of doing Hell, Inc. as a strip. Drawing a comic as pages in a book results in different decisions being made in regard to the flow of reading, whereas each strip is more of a distinct unit.

Also, the comic has only been up for a couple of days and we’ve already picked up some patrons. Thanks so much!

Tomorrow: The Office! No, not that The Office. I can’t afford that kind of licensing.


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