Definitely Delete The Search History
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Definitely Delete The Search History

Welcome to the first normal week of Hell, Inc.! By “normal” I mean “one update.” The standard format going forward will be one new strip per week, on Mondays. I could, of course, be persuaded to increase that with liberal support of the Patreon. Other kinds of super helpful support include using those share buttons right above and below this post! The best promotion a comic can get is from people who are reading and enjoying it.

I make a lot of jokes to friends that the things I Google in the course of making comics probably has me on some kind of government watch list, but at this point, EVERYONE’s search history probably has them on a watch list that’s so bloated it’s unusable.

For those of you who might be at the Emerald City Comic Con from March 1st-4th, drop by the artist alley and say hi! I’ll be at table B10 with my Ape Court collaborator, Daniel Schneider. There’s only a 75% we’ll be talking about wrestling.

Next Week: The boss’ office. Read it a week early at the $1 level on Patreon!

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