Be the Cockatrice Butt

I don’t know why I’ve been going really crazy with backgrounds lately, but I definitely have. As I type this, I’m taking a break from colouring a scene that is even more full of stuff. Also, I’m typing this several days before it goes up, because when it’s live, I’ll be on the first vacation I’ve taken in 14 years. COMICS, EVERYONE.


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Vital Knowledge

For a comic that was originally intended to test how fast I could draw a strip from blank page to finished letters, I’ve sure started spending a lot of time drawing backgrounds. This isn’t even that absurd an example of them – there are some pages in upcoming weeks where I spent as much time drawing one background as I did the rest of the strip.


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If I Don’t Laugh, I’ll Cry

This is one of several recent strips where I was sure I had written way too much dialogue and it would never fit, then when I sat down to letter it I had plenty of space. That’s something that tends to happen every so often with comics that I letter digitally. Even using old strips as a guideline, there’s some guesswork involved in how much space the lettering will occupy. It’s much better to overestimate the lettering than underestimate it, though. There’s nothing quite as demoralizing as trying to rewrite text so that it fits into a much-too-small space.

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The Pain of Comedy

I don’t know why I decided that Steve was a sweaty demon boi, but I did, and it’s canon now.

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I have definitely had the thought “your value to me has suddenly skyrocketed” when having conversations with people within my industry/at functions. I think everyone has, at some point. That moment when talking to a new person when you realize they have some skill or interest or relationship that gets the gears in your brain turning, trying to figure out how to use that in some sort of collaboration. No? Just me?


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How We Do Things Here

AKA Hell, Inc. strip #100! It simultaneously feels like we should have hit number one hundred a while ago and like the comic just started. By strip 200, there will be material for FIVE Hell, Inc. print books if I keep the current length static. Madness.


Caitlin aka 95 Percent Coffee aka the only reason my Twitter gets updated with anything related to my art and isn’t exclusively used for talking about sports and movies I watched. If there were an actual Employee of the Week award, she would probably win it once all of the guinea pigs and chinchillas had gotten their turn. Also, she has a book coming out on Friday, so you should pre-order that. It’s a collection of 13 short horror stories, including some that were featured on the Drunk in a Graveyard podcast. Also, support Hell, Inc. on Patreon because it would be cool to have more money that isn’t reliant on stumping for freelance work.

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Technical Terms

I should write an entire issue that’s just B.L. Zebub’s half of a phone conversation, because that is a lot of fun. I would imagine it would be a nightmare to keep it visually interesting without getting really weird, but the script would be bananas.


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Doug is very good at office politics. VERY GOOD.


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Inarticulate Rage

I don’t know how many times I’ve done it, but I’m sure I will go back to the well of “character wants a specific piece of information that nobody knows/cares to tell them” many times. It feels like the most “I hate my job ever so very much” thing to me.


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The word mucilaginous is brought to you by my girlfriend Caitlin, who busted that out when I asked for suggestions for a word that would be really gross to associate with soup. Yes, I do have to look up how to spell it each time.


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