Fart Bus

Drawing this strip involved Googling the phrase “fart monster” while students at one of the Drawn to Write camps were working on a project. It turns out there are roughly four hundred thousand children’s books about farting monsters. Who knew? The publishing industry, apparently.

In Kickstarter news, there’s less than 72 hours left! If you’ve been waiting, because you wanted to stress me out, get on it! Time’s almost up. Click the image below to pledge your support to the only corporate overlord who isn’t actively ruining the planet.


Another light week, but I expect next week’s backer list will see a pretty big surge. The first few days and the last few days of a Kickstarter campaign always result in the majority of the backers. Thankfully for my sanity, this campaign has been a lot steadier throughout than the previous campaigns, and the most significant slowdown happened after the funding goal was hit.

Michael Rider

Enrica Jang

Paul McErlean

Shawn Underhill

Starside Comic Team

Matt Johns

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Next Week: The Annual Candied Sheep Riot Clean Up.

Exorcise Exercise

This strip is a slight twist on an actual encounter I had on the bus once. Years ago, I was taking the bus home from an RPG session (Rogue Trader, the Warhammer 40K roleplaying game that Fantasy Flight Games used to publish, if I recall correctly). It was a reasonably full bus, and I was sitting near the front. Two homeless guys sat down on the fold-up seats by the door. One of them started ranting and raving about demons, which nobody was paying attention to. Then he says “there’s demons right here on this bus” and looks right at me. Looks me right in the eye. I am now uncomfortable, but return to reading and ignoring him. Then he starts waving his arms and imploring other bus-riders to join him in exorcising the demons from the bus, which causes both me and about 10 other people to move as far back on the bus as possible. This just causes the guy to start exhorting his fellows to join him in exorcising the demons even more vigorously. At this point, the other homeless guy, who has sat silent the entire time, just grabs the other guy by the shoulder and pulls him back down into his seat, saying only “shut the fuck up about demons.”

The Hell, Inc. Kickstarter has funded! The print books will be on their way to the printer later this month as a result. There are still stretch goals to achieve, though, and over a week left to hit them, so there’s work left to be done. If you’ve been waiting to see if it funds, wait no more! You’ve got less than 10 days to throw your support behind the project and be among the first to get the new books!


We’re continuing with the Kickstarter backers. This week, the ones who pushed the campaign across the goal.

Michael Kingston

Lee Ditsworth

Shauna Forrister

Loren Albrecht

Chris Burris

Jennifer Bisaillon

Christine Stewart

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Next Week: The Beelzebus vis a vis Earth buses.

Abandon All Hope

I’m imagining that Hell has turned “abandon all hope, ye who enter here” into a “New York, New York” kind of jingle, which is why I knew immediately that I needed to draw Doug making “your name up in lights” arm gestures.

In Kickstarter news, things are going pretty well. As of writing this post, it’s just under 75% funded with more than two weeks remaining. If you’ve been meaning to get in on it and haven’t yet… what are you waiting for? All pledges will be charged when the campaign ends on September 18th, so there’s no reason to wait! Click the image below to head to the Kickstarter page!


As I mentioned last week, the next few Employee of the Week sections will be dedicated to all of the readers pledging their support to the Hell, Inc. Kickstarter campaign. They have my eternal gratitude and also a place on this list (the list is the exciting part, I’m sure!). The week two backers are… (pretend I put a drumroll sound effect here)

Jenny Reynolds

Al Welch

Elias Rosner

Demelza Carlton

Jay Bardyla

Matt Lui

John MacLeod

Trevor Sieben

Sierra Jackson

Vincent Rhoyall

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Next Week: Exorcise exercise, take the Beelzebus.

Couch Spiders

I’m not entirely sure why Sara sleeping on floors and Doug tripping over her became a running joke, but it has, and I fully intend to continue calling back to it in the future. Fun fact: this will be the first strip in the 3rd Hell, Inc. print collection (as of now untitled). The first two are on Kickstarter right now – this is your opportunity to make up for missing out on the ground floor of Apple or Google or Amazon, and get in on the ground floor of Hell, Inc.*

*Not actually a real corporation with shares, because nobody would let an artist run that.

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The Employee of the Week honours are going to be changed up a little bit for the next month as the Kickstarter runs. I’m going to be shouting out all of the Kickstarter backers from the previous week. I’m eternally grateful to everyone who is willing to spend their entertainment dollar on my work, and chooses to spend their time in the worlds I create. Is list form the best way to express that? Probably not, but it’s the form I’m going with. So without further adieu, the week one list.

Sean Tonelli

Sylvia Douglas

Gail de Vos

Caitlin Fortier

Joey Gruszecki

Robbie Dorman

Melissa Hooper

Matthew Smith

Cindy Gauthier

Mike Harrington

Gayle & Gary Martin


Paul D Jarman

Elaine Cassell

Daniel Schneider

Jaroslaw Ejsymont

Heather Rusk

Tayson Martindale

Chase Kantor

Brent Jans

Barrie Deatcher


Mountain Barber

Brent Finnestad

Kelly Tindall

Serah Blunt

Chad Colpitts

Variant Edition Comics & Culture

Mark Allard-Will

Chris Anderson

Matt Kund


Ian Mondrick

Jay Lofstead

Nicole Daenzer

Dan Collins

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Next Week: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. Hopefully not the bathroom.

Muster Point Massacre

I didn’t realize my office comedy was going to have vehicle stunts in it, but here we are.

You know what else is here? The Hell, Inc. Kickstarter! It’s going live at 3 PM today (Monday, August 19th). It’s your first chance to get your hands on the Hell, Inc. print books, and also to help them exist.


Ben Hamlin is Employee of the Week, and you can check out his podcast, Cursed. It’s a Pathfinder actual-play podcast about pirates. You should listen to it. IT HAS BEEN DECREED. Also, support Hell, Inc. on Patreon, because being a freelancer blows, but drawing comics rules.

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Operation: Flee In Terror

I don’t know about you, but I find loudspeaker announcements of impending doom and possible trampling death VERY reassuring. Very reassuring.

In other news, here’s a big announcement:

The first two print collections of Hell, Inc. will be crowdfunding on Kickstarter starting next Monday, August 19th! Book 1, Welcome to Hell… Inc. is a 60 page collection containing strips 1-42 of the webcomic and a short story called “Sara’s Morning.” Book 2, Candied Sheep Day, is also 60 pages and collects strips 43-84 and “The Missing Ingredient,” another short that will be exclusive to the book. You can get them both for $20 CAD, or pick up a sketch of you as a Hell, Inc. demon or even original art for one of the strips!


Robbie Dorman is Employee of the Week! Check out his novelatory debut, Conquest, available in ebook or paperback format from Amazon. He’s also got many podcasts, including the Simpsons Show and Serial Fanatacist, which you should go listen to. Being deeply influenced by the Simpsons as well, I support his taste in podcast topics.┬áIf you want me to tell readers to buy your book or listen to your podcast, support the Hell, Inc. Patreon and finance things like “paying my mortgage” and “eating.”

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Panic Rules

The panic rules are very clear. And they say that I love drawing Adventure Time/Kermit arms when someone is panicking. Or excited. Or I otherwise have an excuse to draw someone flailing. In other news, Hockeypocalypse Season 4: Cult of Hockey was nominated for the Gene Day Award for Self-Publishing. I think it’s the best book I’ve ever made, so I’m pretty excited about that.

I’m also back to work teaching another Drawn To Write Camp this week, so I, like you, will be working 8-4, and not PM to AM.


We’ve got a new Employee of the Week! Cindy Gauthier is joining us, and there will be cake in the break room. It may or may not be made out of toenails. She also draws the arts, so you should check out her work, including her debut comic Posthumous. If you want to be Employee of the Week and get a shout-out in an upcoming comic post, Check out the Hell, Inc. Patreon. It helps keep me drawing Hell, Inc. strips instead of being buried in freelance work, which is a win-win for everybody.

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Doug Flutie

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Cait is back at the top of the list, and is the creator of the Guintern Newsletter, which documents the adventures of my guinea pig office interns. The Patreon has become a bit of a struggle, lately. Efforts to increase the number of patrons haven’t been met with nearly the success as growing readership has, and I’m a bit stumped as to what people want to see from the Patreon. It’s stuck in a cycle where it doesn’t do well enough to merit more investment of effort, which takes away from effort on the actual comic, but maybe more effort would make it do better if it was put in the right place. I don’t know. Thoughts?

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No Plan

Happy Canada Day! Living in Canada is actually a pretty significant factor in me being able to make comics, so it’s nice to take a moment to reflect on that.


CANADA! If YOU want to be Employee of the Week, and help me focus on Hell, Inc. instead of freelance work, you can support Hell, Inc. on Patreon! I really love drawing Hell, Inc., but will be spending most of the rest of the year putting most of my time into a pair of work-for-hire books. I’d like to flip that work schedule around, and Patreon is a reliable way for me to do that while also giving you some neat rewards.

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Problem Solving

Well THIS page took a long time to draw. Specifically, the first three panels. I’m sure you’re shocked to learn that the ones packed with characters took a long time to draw. It even, somehow, took a long time to colour, despite just being shades of red. Making them all different enough that they didn’t just blend together into one big blob turned out to be a bit of an effort.


Ben Hamlin is Employee of the Week, and you can check out his podcast, Cursed. It’s a Pathfinder actual-play podcast about pirates. You should listen to it. IT HAS BEEN DECREED. Also, support Hell, Inc. on Patreon, because being a freelancer blows, but drawing comics rules.

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