Announcing Hell, Inc. The RPG!

That’s right, you (probably) heard it here first!

Following the success of the first Fail Marines gameplay event, me and my Fail Marines co-creator/wife, Caitlin, are teaming up to turn this very webcomic, Hell, Inc., into a tabletop role-playing game! Normally, I wouldn’t consider doing two crowdfunded books back-to-back, but when I recently learned about Kickstarter’s ZineQuest RPG event it was just too good an opportunity to pass up. The campaign will launch on August 23rd.

This is actually something I’ve had in my back pocket for a while, but with the positive feedback we got on the Fail Marines system I decided to revise the Hell, Inc. RPG draft to use the same 2D6 mechanics. To put it simply, Hell, Inc. is a game where rolling too low means failure and rolling too high means you just caused yourself new and exciting problems—finally, an RPG about embracing mediocrity!

There’ll be more details available when it’s closer to launch, but in the meantime I am already hard at work on final revisions to the text and page layouts. We’re both really happy with what we’ve got so far, and I think you’ll all be pretty stoked to see it too! Here’s a sneak preview of a brand new piece of art for the book’s interior.

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